History of the Easter Bunny  

As with Easter eggs, the Easter bunny is also one thing that seems to be inseparable from this holiday. Even though the Easter bunny is also not mentioned in the Bible and is not a symbol that is told by the word or used by God. However, at this time some Easter celebrations use the Easter bunny as a symbol. Especially in shopping centers synonymous with Easter bunny decorations in the period leading up to the celebration of the holiday. As for history, this Easter bunny is related to the Anglo Saxon celebration as well. Where in this case the rabbit is a symbol of fertility because of its ability to breed quickly. This signifies abundant blessings from God. Visit thebountifulbasket.net and get the best easter gift idea.

So that in the end, the Easter bunny is a part for Christians to give thanks for fertility and abundant blessings from God. Where in the end this tradition became an example for many countries and was later adapted to become part of Easter celebrations in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that some places are decorated with various cute pictures of the Easter bunny and decorations related to the Easter bunny. Of course, using this symbol is not wrong, especially because it is a symbol of abundant blessings, including the blessing of the promise of salvation in the Bible that was promised by God Himself. It’s just that this is not a mandatory thing. So Easter celebrations without the Easter bunny symbol are certainly not a problem either.

There is no need to overdo it and force the presence of the Easter bunny on that day. It is enough to interpret the events of the crucifixion that occurred and be grateful for the grace of the Lord Jesus that has been given to mankind so that they can obtain salvation and eternal life.

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