5 Tips For Camping During The Rainy Season

For nature lovers, camping is fun. Preparing for Lightweight backpacking and Camping, Spending the night in the open, lighting a campfire, and chatting the night away with friends or family are three of the activities carried out when camping. However, in an uncertain climate like lately, of course, camping activities will be a little disturbed website.

No need to worry, there is no prohibition against camping during the rainy season. However, it is necessary to pay extra attention to several things compared during the dry season to avoid unwanted things, such as being exposed to hypothermia.

Here are some tips that you can consider when deciding to camp during the rainy season.

Pay attention to the type of tent
In winter, the wind blows faster than during the dry season. If you decide to camp during the rainy season, you must pay attention to the type of tent used.

The tent used must be a double layer type. This type of tent will be strong even though the wind is blowing hard.

Use Flysheet
Flysheet is a tarpaulin that is installed on top of the tent. This tarpaulin is like a roof for the tent while providing a protected space around the tent when it rains. This way, the bottom of the tent will be protected and there will be less chance of water seeping into the tent.

When the weather suddenly gets hot, the flysheet also protects the tent to keep it cool. Flysheet provides more space for cover.

Bring a Raincoat
Instead of bringing an umbrella, you should bring a raincoat when camping during the rainy season. That’s because the storage of raincoats is more compact than umbrellas. In addition, the use of a raincoat is also like clothes that are attached to the body so that both hands can be used to grip the trekking pole so as not to slip.

Bring a Plastic Bag
Plastic bags are not environmentally friendly. However, these objects are needed to wrap things that must be protected because they will be damaged if exposed to rain, such as cellphones or other device chargers.

The chosen plastic bag is not an ordinary plastic bag that is made of thin material, but one that has thicker material and should have a flip so that it is easy to close and open it, such as a plastic bag for wrapping clothes.

It is not only used to wrap electronic equipment when you are on the road and it rains, but it is better to wrap electronic equipment at night because it could be exposed to water seepage or dew.

Make sure the body condition remains warm
Make sure your body condition stays warm when camping during the rainy season. Don’t get hypothermic and put yourself in danger. Light a bonfire. Since it can’t predict when it will rain, this is where the flysheet functions.