Why Do We Need Motivation?

What is motivation? And why do we need motivational speeches? Everyone can certainly answer that question. I think motivation is something that can make people who have it become excited to do a certain thing, whatever it is. When we have motivation, we will be more passionate about doing whatever it is. There is a motivation, of course, because there is something to be pursued. This means, there is a goal to be achieved so that he is motivated to pursue it. With that motivation, life will feel more meaningful. But sometimes our spirits subside when we experience failure or feel weak. Then what should we do? Look for sources of motivation. So where is the source of that motivation? for example:

– Family
Usually, the family is the main source of motivation. Because they are the closest to us, where else can we take shelter other than in the family. A family that gives us comfort and shelter, no matter what our circumstances. The drive to make family happy, for example, will usually make us more excited and motivated and try to make that dream come true.

– Friend
Friends of friends are also an effective source of motivation. Why? Because usually, we will listen to the advice of friends or friends rather than parents. Friends usually understand our situation the best, understand our feelings the best. It can’t be denied. But sometimes even friends can become enemies when he advises on “bad” things.

– Motivational books
Motivational books are also a source of motivation. With the author’s language style that touches the heart, it can make someone more motivated in his life. No doubt, many people are more excited after reading motivational books. There are articles in newspapers that discuss motivation. So what if it’s only for a moment? Sometimes when reading a book, a person is so motivated, so passionate, but when finished, the motivation disappears and returns to its original state. There is one tip to avoid that. It’s okay to read motivational books, but don’t read them so often that you forget to do what is the main purpose of the motivational book. Yes, not only read but also to be implemented.